Organic Semiconductors

The scientific and technological activities of the research group “Organic Semiconductors for Electronics and Optoelectronics” are the deposition of thin organic films and layer structures as well as their technology and application. Deposition procedures employed are vacuum thermal evaporation (VTE) and organic / polymer vapor phase deposition (OVPD/PVPD). In close cooperation with the companies PHILIPS and AIXTRON and other national and international partners, we are currently working on the development of white OLED for general illumination including the associated technology. This work is accompanied by simulation and modelling activities in order to deepen the theoretical knowledge necessary for the advancement of this technology. Future activities will also cover organic photovoltaics as well as organic electronics.


Scientific Board

RWTH Aachen Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andrei Vescan
RWTH Aachen Dr.rer.nat. Holger Kalisch
AIXTRON SE and RWTH Aachen Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Heuken

Strategic Goals

  • Implementation of the innovative subject "Organic Semiconductors for Electronics and Optoelectronics" at RWTH Aachen
  • Education of engineers and students/scientist also of other disciplines in this current subject
  • Benefit from synergy effects with the well-established research groups at GaN Device Technology
  • Efficient use of the existing infrastructure
  • Employment of the existing know-how in the fields of layer deposition, processing, characterisation (optical / electrical / structural) as well as in simulation and modelling
  • Close cooperation with regional, national and international research groups and industry


Establishment and Equipment of the Research Group

  • Use of the Central Technology Lab (ZT) with 350 m2 of clean room area
  • AIXTRON OVPD Setup (Gen 1), located at PHILIPS in Rothe Erde (Aachen) and jointly operated by RWTH Aachen, AIXTRON and PHILIPS
  • Two AIXTRON OVPD / PVPD setups in ITHE Organic Lab at AIX-VZ (Kackertstraße)
  • Comprehensive film characterisation with luminescence spectroscopy, refectance measurements, microscopy and electrical measurements
  • Substrate, preparation and deposition technology


Current Topics of OLED Research

During the last years, OLED technology has been developing at a stunning pace. In some market segments, OLED displays have already started to edge out the established LCD technology. With their steadily increasing luminous efficiency and lifetime, OLED are becoming more and more attractive for general lighting. Together with our industrial partners AIXTRON and PHILIPS, we are developing highly efficient white OLED for general lighting. Hereby, a strong focus lies on the potential for mass production on an industrial scale.