Gruppe III Nitrides

The scientific and technological emphases of the work group “Group III Nitrides” are material deposition, development of layer structures and processes as well as device technology for radio frequency electronics and optoelectronics on the basis of the compound semiconductor gallium nitride. In close cooperation with other groups, the primary target for the next years is the development of power transistors and circuits for high frequency and power levels as well as of optoelectronic components based on the material system Al-Ga-In-N. A special focus is R&D on alternative substrates like e.g. Si and lithium aluminatium oxide for GaN power electronics and optoelectronics.


Scientific Board

RWTH Aachen Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andrei Vescan
RWTH Aachen Dr.rer.nat. Holger Kalisch
AIXTRON SE and RWTH Aachen Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Heuken

Strategic Goals

  • Continuation of the activities of RWTH Aachen in the field of compound semiconductors for applications in RF electronics following the tradition of Prof. Beneking - Prof. Balk - Prof. Heime
  • Bundling of the scientific and technological potential of the III-V semiconductor technique in the region of Aachen with the aim to establish a network of competence extending beyond the limits of the region and of Germany
  • Technology-oriented training of RWTH students in this field
  • Financing by a combination of public research funds, business development and 3rd-party funds from industry

Establishment and Technological Equipment of the Research Group

  • Shared use of the Central Technology Lab (ZT) with 350 m2 of clean room area
  • AIXTRON MOVPE reactor (AIX 200/4 RF-S) for the deposition of nitride layer structures
  • Equipment for cleaning, preparation, annealing, metallisation, deposition, structuring, dry etching, ...
  • Comprehensive characterisation of semiconductor layers with X-ray diffraction, luminescence spectroscopy, electron microscopy, electrical measurements, ...
  • Complete processing chain for electronic and optoelectronic devices based on the group III nitrides